32 days to go

progressing rapidly. today is backdrop work day.

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WCS 36 days Madman 86 days

Just got a hold of some really amazing material *drools*
makes you want to just roll around in it purring.

Worked out yesterday hard enough to induce lameness in the left leg. so rest today. 
good thing i’m not racehorse huh LOL!!!!

next step is breaking in my boots slowly for both sets. cant have these and run around in them at cons and not break them… hobbling on stage don’t work in skits.
they make me happy though. so pretty!
gotta finish the details on one pair too but will do that after break in.

so happy coz *LordColts is cosplaying to match at main *bounces about: if we had the fourth we would have the full set but then i’m just happy with this!!!!!! i have always wanted one of these to cuddle heaps!!!!!!!! 

i will start posting progress i ages after the 24th

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WCS: 39 days Madman: 89 days

so pacing myself nicely, this is a cosplay marathon and i have to go the distance 🙂

WCS: its making me so happy!!!! so pretty!!!! the ribbon looks fantastic. the hair piece is lovely and totally love love love this.

Madman: this is also making me happy. the outfits is not stressing me out at all. learning a few new skills for this.

the finalist profile page is up

the only 2 i don’t know anything about is the WA team and QLD wildcard.

really excited to go up there and hang with a few really awesome people that i adore!!!

Cant wait to be heading down to melbourne soon too! catching up with family.

Yep upping my vitamins and my exercise sessions, i’m gonna need all the power i can get to last 🙂

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WCS: 41 days

im rather happy at this stage, completely on track. not pulling all nighters and enjoying the process rather than yelling at it ( we will see how long that lasts lol) 
almost finished all 8 seasons house :)
staying on target with many things atm 


Comission Slots left

+taken – futurama
+taken – portal

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A Song of a Storm and Fire

A Song of a Storm and Fire

Took this set to Avcon 2011. It flopped royal there.
Got the amazing Fiathriel to photograph it and its got Top 25 judges choice world wide for Love Cosplay Magazine, Cosplay Gen Vol 5 and the deviation has just done very well. Funny huh.

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People come and people go….

People come and people go....

Waicon 2011

So every 2 years or so i take another crack at the rosebride dress.
this set was in planning since November 2005 and i was waiting till i was happy with my sewing skills before starting to try this.
I started with a Black version of this in 2009 based on a fan art and finally in 2011 i found someone to be my Prince Dios so out comes the pink.

for the shoot i bout a hell of alot of gold and red rose petals to be thrown up for a few shots, done by *LordColts and thankfully the \”Freo Dr\” was in action ^_^
i was really happy with this shoot!

Dress is pink princess satin.
Pinafore is green princess satin
Crown is Gold Jewelery plating

Dios was made by
She won best female cosplay saturday at waicon with this.

Photo by: Morpheus Photo Art

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Madman National Cosplay Competition Sydney Round 2012



details of the dress

20m of taffeta
20m crystal organza
20m netting
1m delustered
5m cotton
1m lace fabric
40m crystal lace
1 packet black dye
1kg black glitter
1.5L Glue blend (2 different glues mixed)
15g citrus glitter
1500 crystal beads
5g white glitter
200 crystal butterflies
30g red glitter
2 black wigs
gold cord

this took 6 months to do, and i have never put so much effort into a set before, not even WCS. this was a labor of love and as soon as i saw the ref image i had to make this.
it has blood, tears, coffee and exhaustion in it but i havent been happy with any of my cosplays in a LONG time and this set was actually comfy (except the heels lol)
it even only took 2 hours to get ready from shower to fully done in the car so its one of the easiest sets to date. 



it started with pulling an all nighter. Madman had arrived about midnight thurs night so poor guy slept in another room while i finished my set.. and i was so happy that i finished  but boy.. talking about walking dead!!!!!
brought everything in nice and early and still got mucked arround we wanted to put stuff behind the stage… but no… we got put back in the room of doom that we had last year and again we had issues due to it on sat.
dinner, rest and a few good giggles. 

trying to move fragile butterfly wings through the entire supanova crowd… NOT COOL!!!!!! they got damaged and weakened, had to ditch them quickly in the skit because of it. was not impressed.
it was a disaster after disaster.
team one had an accident. she is ok.. we all asked after her but it was still really heartbreaking. zelda i think was ok, :iconorganisation-roxas: was ok, im sure he will do a write up, poor Number 4 had skit issues, and then the hovering arround actually really threw me off, got flustered and i didnt even hear the first part of my skit’s vocals so i got lost quickly and that was it i was done LOL
for those who are wondering…. yes i had permission to use the dry ice….. it set off NO ALARMS, no one suffered an asthma attack and blah blah blah LOL however thjis was a once off and the Madman comp is just putting a blanket ban on stuff so that Venues stay happy LOL 
this means at the finals no contestant can have dry ice, podwers, GLITTERS, confetti etc… so people who are in the finals… if you were thinking of flinging about glitter or such for your skit… change it now… its not allowed.
i was happy with how things went mostly.
feet were killing in heels as always.
then the results.
i got 2nd!!!!! by only 3 points!!!!!!!!! that is freaking AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am so happy for :iconorganisation-roxas: too!!! he has worked so hard and long on this and i am thrilled he is finally getting some time in the spotlight as an amazing cosplayer!!!!! (his mum is freaking amazing and the horse talk really helped chill me out! so thankyou roxas’ Mum!)

Got interviewed by PopAsia then asked to come in Yuuko again for the channel 9 weather thing for sunday morning with :iconorganisation-roxas:.

then tried to eat and early to bed


4:30-5am wake up to get back in yuuko to be at the grounds at 8am. this time atleast it was sunny unlike the rain of saturday.

so there is poor Roxas cold as.. me feet sore and then they decided that they wanted more so :iconorganisation-roxas: offered up :iconvera-chimera:, i offered up :iconcosplaypropmaster: and all 4 of us were on the stage in all our early morning needing coffee badly-ness being the “pretties” in the background of the weather report for Channel 9. a friend of ours got a copy so we will upload that soon. it was hilarious. more hilarious was the commentary from :iconbeethy: what a funny wonderful man!!!!!!!!

with that done, did some pictures up, filmed some video for Perth-madman’s videos that he loves doing and then changed into Kenzie from Saints Row: the thrird. it was great… comfy shoes!!!!

then a cup of homophobic coffee from gloria jeans (for those that dont know, the coffee company gave massive amounts of money to the church going against gay marriage, but they were the only place to get a nice coffee so not much choice)

then photos for :iconcosplaypropmaster:, some shopping and home at 2pm. 

good dinner, bottle of bubbly and Repo: the genetic opera.

Monday: up at stupid am to see Perth-madman off to the airport 


it was an amazing experience!!!!!!!!
to compete with friends and support each other the whole way through. it was just the most wonderful feeling. his group are incrediably lovely people and i just fell in love with the lot of them.. not that i didnt already love :iconvera-chimera: and :iconbeethy: but i got to talk to many i didnt know and they really gave me some faith back in the ability for some cosplayers to be adults in attitude and i truly appreciated every moment of it!
My own team were amazing and i would not have gotten anywhere without them. Dolly our driver kept me laughing and much love, Perth-madman reminding me where i came from and just how far i have spread my wings these past two years and of course :iconcosplaypropmaster: who is my foundation and i just love her so much!!!
Lana who kept me company and laughing all saturday afternoon… you and your big gun…. damn how hot ;)
then there was my family who supported me online. 
Emma Swann
Snow Lynn F Charming
My Mum
My Little Man
My Nephew

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